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Little Kinder Montessori is built straight from a mother's heart. We believe that each child is unique and respected; and is allowed to progress at his/her own pace with guidance from our passionate teachers. We aim to unlock your child's intelligence and we work tirelessly to create a learning environment that is stimulating and fun at the same time.
We believe that a healthy child is a happy one. Therefore we use quality and a wide variety of fresh ingredients in our daily meals. We also have been awarded the Healthy Preschool Award by the Health Promotion Board.
Our quality and lush outdoor space allows our children to have their daily dose of outdoor exercise. They get the fresh air and sun while they practise their gross motor skills and play with their friends.
We endeavour to create happy and fun childhood memories for your child.
Our Vision
Every child is given a strong foundation in life.
Our Mission
To provide quality pre school education that brings about well-rounded global citizens who are ready to meet the world with a love of learning and working; and transition easily to the next phase of their education.
Our Core Values
At Little Kinder Montessori, every TRIP(S) here is an fruitful and memorable one. We embrace and exemplify:
We work as a team and embrace collaboration with parents and communities.
We respect the dignity, worth and uniqueness of each individual.
We are self-starters and we proactively problem solve to achieve desired outcomes.
We are highly committed to the early childhood profession and the school service standards.
We uphold the highest level of service to the families that we serve.
Our Philosophy
We believe that a good education should be well rounded and we endeavour to create a learning environment that is a calm, busy and fun at the same time. Our teachers will guide each and every child to progress at his/her own pace.
We believe in character education and impart the following core values in our children through our daily contact, routines as well as in our curriculum:
Self confidence
Team playing abilities
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