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Little Beanstalk Programme

Exclusively at
Hillview Preschool
Little Beanstalk Program is offered at no additional cost to our Kindergarten 1 & 2 children. The school has thoughtfully curated these additional enrichments based on our knowledge of early childhood development and principles. More importantly we believe that the early years is a pivotal time for learning, development and growth. We want to create the conducive environment and plant the seed of interest and self-discovery in your child before they enter the formal schooling system.

Kindergarten 1 - English Speech & Drama

At Kindergarten 1, Speech & Drama is a useful life skill to help your child become confident, creative and expressive communicators. All these are explored through music, rhymes, poetry and imaginative role play. For both the reserved and the outgoing child, drama will inspire them to speak up and build their social and communication skills.

Kindergarten 2 – Art

Art is a natural vehicle for children to express their feelings. As the children translate their ideas and feelings into art, they are using thinking skills to plan and represent their impressions. Learning from the art teacher also requires immense observation skills and well developed eye hand coordination. Children will learn how to develop good work habits, respect themselves, communicate their ideas and feelings, discover their own point of view and appreciate others work and cultures.
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