Our Curriculum

Education is for life. We have a deep respect for the child as an individual with his/her own potential.
We also believe in creating a warm and supportive community of children, families and teachers. 
We build our younger children's foundation using our Montessori Curriculum.
As they approach Kindergarten 1 and 2, there is increased academic emphasis as we gradually prepare them for formal schooling. 
We have a well thought out and balanced curriculum consisting of the following:
1) Termly Themes - involving in-depth discussions, projects and exploration about a topic
2) Complementary Activities - Mass centre celebrations and parties, show & tell, field trips, resource person school visits and parent collaboration activities
3) Character Education
4) Little Beanstalk Programme
5) Extra Curricular Activities
There is also daily reinforcement of our core learning dispositions (Self-confidence, Team playing ability, Leadership, Independence and Respect) that is unique to our school. This is delivered through our planned curriculum, routines and contact times with the children.

Hillview Preschool

55 Chu Lin Road

Singapore 669949

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Pasir Panjang Preschool

51 Chwee Chian Road

Singapore 119759

Tel: (65) 6464 6618

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Email: principal@littlekindermontessori.com