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Founder's Message

When I first sent my daughter to school at 18 months, I was anxious, unsure and terribly worried. Everyday when I see her after school, I would ask her the same questions, "How was school?", "Are you happy?" and "What did you do in school today?". It was so important to me that my child is happy and learning in school.
I believe that every child is born a star. Everyone can excel in their own way and no two children are exactly alike. Children's learning is greatly influenced by their early disposition and perceptions. In order to face the future, the children of today must possess positive disposition towards learning and life in general. They need to have communication skills and think creatively. Early childhood is the perfect time to inculcate these values and soft skills in our children.
I aim to lead my teachers towards the highest standards of early childhood care and education and to be an active and powerful voice in the early childhood arena. I hope to also work with and equip families towards a greater understanding about their children's early learning years.
An old Danish proverb states, "Who takes the child by the hand takes the mother by the heart." I never once looked back at my decision to enter the early childhood industry. I am proud of what I do everyday. My task and service towards families is a delightful and emotionally rewarding one - not to mention, a huge privilege. 
I look forward to welcoming you and your children at Little Kinder Montessori!

Yvonne Law

Ms. Yvonne Law


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