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Our Enrichment Partners


ABC Music & Me is a research-based language and early literacy program built around music. This class helps children ages 2 to 6 develop pre-literacy and language skills. ABC Music & Me supports the early childhood standards and requirements for “high quality programs” as defined by the USA’s National Institute for Early Education. 

English Speech & Drama

Creative Juice was founded in 2004, specialising in Children's English Enrichment Programmes; primarily English speech and drama, creative writing, arts and craft, holiday programme and animated story telling.

Chinese Speech & Drama

Chinese Speech & Drama

Glowing Kids believes in the development of children through the use of drama. It is a place where children can learn about themselves, the world around them, and gain personal growth in the areas of language, social interaction and dramatic skills. Glowing Kids incorporates songs, poems, movements and rhythms, role play, word games and performances to bring out the love of Chinese language in young children.
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Gymkidz has been around since May 2006 and has spread all over Singapore since then with about 5,000 participants in 100 schools.
The GymKidz framework was designed to be in close parallel to the NEL curriculum, sharing the same goals, objectives and vision for the learning child.
Children learn through purposeful play and purposefully-built child-appropriate equipment to develop MIND, BODY & CHARACTER.


HansArt Gallere has been around since 2006 and has more than 800 students to date. Their art lessons involve using the integrated learning process to learn about the different elements of lines, introduction of the different kinds of mediums – e.g. water colour painting, oil pastels, jumbo crayons (for younger children), and drawing, colour pencils and acrylic compound paints. 
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