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Character Education

Our goal is that the children who graduate from our school are good citizens with virtues. Every term, we will touch on a theme for character building. The teachers will explain the virtue with active discussions and reinforce with art works and story-telling.
Young children learn through repetition, modelling and concrete examples. It is also said that character is caught and not taught. Therefore it is important that we "walk the talk" and create an environment that embodies the virtues that we want to inculcate these values. We also encourage all parents to discuss these virtues at incidental moments. 
We also adopted the En Yi Chinese Reader Series to complement our character education programme. The readers consist of 24 books designed to cultivate children's love for the chinese language which models around the Character and Citizenship Education framework. The books lend itself to nurturing children's understanding of the fundamental core values - Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Harmony, Care and Integrity. The books will be read and discussed with the children.
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